Supported Browsers

For the purpose of click stats and Smart Links we group information about Internet browsers into browser families. Supported browser families (along with list of family members) are listed on this page. Unrecognized browsers appear in "Unknown" family.

Android Browser

Android Browser, MIUI Browser.

BlackBerry Browser

BlackBerry Browser.


Baidu Browser, Baidu Spark.


Amiga Voyager, Amiga Aweb.


Chrome, 2345 Browser, 7Star, Atom, Avira Secure Browser, AOL Shield Pro, AOL Desktop, Aloha Browser Lite, Arvin, Amigo, Avast Secure Browser, Beaker Browser, Beamrise, Brave, Colibri, Chim Lac, Chromium GOST, CoolBrowser, Chedot, Coc Coc, Comodo Dragon, CM Browser, Chrome Frame, Craving Explorer, 115 Browser, Chrome Mobile iOS, CCleaner, Chrome Mobile, CoolNovo, ChromePlus, Chromium, Chrome Webview, Cornowser, Deledao, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, deg-degan, Dot Browser, Ecosia, Elements Browser, EUI Browser, Edge WebView, Falkon, Flast, Glass Browser, GinxDroid Browser, OceanHero, Hawk Turbo Browser, Helio, OhHai Browser, HasBrowser, Iron Mobile, Iron, Japan Browser, Kinza, Kiwi, LieBaoFast, Lulumi, Lovense Browser, mCent, Maelstrom, Mandarin, Monument Browser, Mobile Silk, Mint Browser, Meizu Browser, MxNitro, NFS Browser, Origin In-Game Overlay, Odin, OpenFin, Oculus Browser, Phoenix Browser, Polarity, Quark, QtWebEngine, RockMelt, Steam In-Game Overlay, Slimjet, Seewo Browser, Secure Browser, Samsung Browser, Stargon, Seraphic Sraf, Super Fast Browser, SFive, SalamWeb, Sizzy, Seznam Browser, Stampy Browser, Tao Browser, Tenta Browser, ToGate, T-Browser, TweakStyle, Tungsten, TV Bro, UBrowser, UR Browser, Venus Browser, AVG Secure Browser, Vivaldi, VMware AirWatch, Web Explorer, Whale Browser, Xvast, Yahoo! Japan Browser, Yaani Browser, Flash Browser, Spectre Browser, Bonsai, Harman Browser, PSI Secure Browser, Lagatos Browser, LT Browser, Peeps dBrowser, Sushi Browser, Huawei Browser Mobile, Huawei Browser, iBrowser, T+Browser, ChanjetCloud, Hawk Quick Browser, Hi Browser, APN Browser, AdBlock Browser, YouCare, Decentr, Gener8, Delta Browser, APUS Browser,, Ui Browser Mini, SavySoda, Savannah Browser, Surf Browser, Soul Browser, SOTI Surf, Lexi Browser, Smart Browser, Belva Browser, Lilo, Float Browser, Kids Safe Browser, vBrowser, CG Browser, Azka Browser, Mmx Browser, Bitchute Browser, Nova Video Downloader Pro, PronHub Browser, Frost+, Viasat Browser, DUC Browser, Desi Browser,, Open Browser, Secure Private Browser, HUB Browser, Tesla Browser, Wave Browser, Sidekick, Pi Browser, Xooloo Internet, U Browser, Bloket, Vast Browser, X-VPN, Nox Browser, Office Browser, Rabbit Private Browser, Iridium, hola! Browser, Amerigo, xBrowser Pro Super Fast, 18+ Privacy Browser, Beyond Private Browser, Black Lion Browser, TUC Mini Browser, AppBrowzer, SX Browser, Fiery Browser, YAGI, NextWord Browser, Naked Browser Pro, 1DM Browser, 1DM+ Browser, Adult Browser, XNX Browser, XtremeCast, X Browser Lite, Sweet Browser, HTC Browser, Browser Hup Pro, Flyperlink, Bangla Browser, Wavebox, Soundy Browser, Headless Chrome, Odd Browser, Pawxy, LUJO TV Browser, LogicUI TV Browser, Open TV Browser, Norton Private Browser, ALVA, PICO Browser, Roku Browser, World Browser, Every Browser, Insta Browser, Vertex Surf, Holla Web Browser, Tor Browser, MarsLab Web Browser, Sunflower Browser, Cave Browser, Zordo Browser, Dark Browser, Freedom Browser, Crow Browser, Vewd Browser, Private Internet Browser, Frost, Airfind Secure Browser, SecureX, Incognito Browser, Godzilla Browser, Ocean Browser, Qmamu, BF Browser, BroKeep Browser, Proxy Browser, HotBrowser, VD Browser, Skye, Quick Search TV, GO Browser, Raspbian Chromium, Wexond, Catsxp, Intune Managed Browser, Bang, SberBrowser, JioSphere, OnBrowser Lite, Legan Browser, WebDiscover, Qiyu, East Browser, Liri Browser, SlimBoat, Basic Web Browser, Kitt.


Firefox, Basilisk, Byffox, BlackHawk, Borealis Navigator, Centaury, Cunaguaro, Epic, Firefox Mobile iOS, Firebird, Fennec, Arctic Fox, Firefox Mobile, Firefox Rocket, Firefox Reality, IceCat, Lolifox, Iceweasel, Light, PolyBrowser, MicroB, Minimo, Mobicip, Mypal, Orca, Ordissimo, PrivacyWall, Phoenix, Qazweb, Safe Exam Browser, Swiftfox, TenFourFox, Browser, Waterfox, Zvu, Floorp, AOL Shield, Wolvic, Impervious Browser, PirateBrowser, K-Ninja, Wyzo, Vonkeror, Webian Shell, Classilla.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, Crazy Browser, Browzar, IE Mobile, Microsoft Edge, AOL Explorer, Acoo Browser, GreenBrowser.







Nokia Browser

Nokia Browser, Dorado, Nokia OSS Browser, Nokia Ovi Browser.


Opera, Opera Neon, Opera Devices, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Opera Next, Opera Touch, Opera Mini iOS, Opera GX, Opera Crypto.


Safari, SP Browser, Mobile Safari, Sogou Mobile Browser, Safari Technology Preview.

Sailfish Browser

Sailfish Browser.