What are the set up options for HTTP redirect codes?

Redirect codes are a type of HTTP Status Code.

Redirect code options are 301, 302, 303, 307. If your domain has been set for 301 Permanent Redirects, you edited a URL then tested and destination appears unchanged it is due to your browser's cache.

Browsers take shortcuts to perform faster. Rather than check the Tinycc site to verify if anything with the link has changed since its last use - the browser assumes it has not... grabs a previously written copy and redirects using your computer's local storage - bypassing Tinycc servers (and incidentally bypassing stats collection). In other words the link works fine for others who click it, but appears unchanged for you, until you clear your cache.
Clearing your browser cache and cookies
307 is a temporary redirect and will not trigger caching.
302 and 303 will not trigger caching either.