What is a root domain redirect URL and what are the set up options?

Even in situations where you think short links will be bulletproof, such as sending via email or text messages, some users still do unexpected things like navigate to the root domain of the link instead of clicking. Or transcribe it to another browser instead of simply clicking it directly. A few will even try to transcribe the link to a search engine. It is inevitable that a percentage of your visits will result in error, but root domain redirect and 404 page redirect are features designed to reduce the impact of user errors (see also the next help topic below on setting up a custom 404 page).

Short URLs = custom domain + short hash (myshortdomain.com/obza4). If a visitor enters your custom domain (minus the short hash) into a browser, by default it will go to TINY/. Root page redirect option means that a separate "homepage" can be configured for the root of your custom domain (basic domain with no short hash). To set up a custom homepage, login to your account and go to: Domains > Domain Settings > Root domain redirect. Enter you custom "homepage" URL into box: "Custom root domain redirect URL" (such as http://mysite.com/faq/landingpage.html ). NOTE: Custom root domain redirect URL can't be the same as your custom domain name. Don't use your custom domain name for this setting or it will result in an endless loop error.