What are satellite accounts and how to use them?

Satellite accounts are multiple users tied to a single master account. Functions and privileges of individual satellite logins have one of three levels.


Client and Company users are not allowed to view or edit any settings or overall account limits. They have partial navigation access and displays only a restricted Manage URLs page, Dashboard, Profile, Broken links page and URL limits. Both Master and Admin can add, edit or delete satellite accounts. Admin can see and do everything Master can, except Admin doesn't have access to Billing page or Cancel Account buttons.

Colors are randomly assigned to satellite accounts for organizing purposes (on Manage URLs page). These colors can be edited as needed.

Either Master or Admin create the initial credentials for new users. After gaining access, all individual accounts can manage their own profiles. If Private label feature is enabled, satellite users will see your company logo displayed in place of Tinycc logo.


Have your clients and employees bookmark this page. It lets satellite users access their accounts directly while Tinycc graphics and identifiers are bypassed - giving your customers and employees a more consistent private label experience.