Tag Queries

Complex Query Syntax

Presence or absence of tags indicated with prefix "+" and "~" respectively.
Examples below are not encoded (for readability):
+banana&+boxed - query all URLs, that have both "banana" and "boxed" tags attached.
+banana&~boxed - query all URLs, that have "banana" tag and doesn't have "boxed" tag attached.
+banana|+boxed - query all URLs, that have "banana" tag or "boxed" tag attached.
(+banana|+boxed)&(+fresh|~premium) - query all URLs, that have: 1) "banana" tag or "boxed" tag attached; and also have 2) "fresh" tag attached or doesn't have "premium" tag.
"+" prefix may be omitted (it is considered by default)
For AND operator you can use different symbols: &, comma, semicolon.
For XOR operator you can use: ^


Autotags - are tags of special kind. They can not be directly created or deleted by user, but could be used in tag queries.

Currently supported autotags:

In addition to above autotags, there is a separate autotag for each domain and separate autotag for each satellite account.

+mydomain.com,-visited - query all URLs in domain mydomain.com that never been visited.
mydomain1.com|mydomain2.com - query all URLs that belong to domain mydomain1.com or mydomain2.com.
john_b,mydomain3.com - query all URLs created by john_b in domain mydomain3.com.

Date tags

Tag query may contain date conditions. For example:
>2018-01-01 - query only URLs created after 0am January 1, 2018.
>2018-01-01,<2018-01-02 - query only URLs created from 0am to 24pm January 1, 2018
>DELETE /urls?tags=<2018-02-01 - less than symbol < in this syntax means before.
Delete URLs created before Feb 1, 2018
Tag query for links created today might look like this: